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This explorative platformer toys with the conventional ways to play games on the computer and builds a story around it. At its core and beginning it is a pretty standard platformer, but this quickly changes, and post-change you will need to utilize both the window itself and Windows elements.

Move, jump and crouch with W, A, S & D.
Interact by pressing E.
Shoot with the SPACEBAR.

Move the window and interact with elements with the cursor.
[I suggest using a mouse with the game]

Summon Pinny the assistant by pressing F1.
When summoned, press I to open your inventory, or P to pin the window (lock it to the current position).

Omni was born marked by destiny to free the kingdom of its corrupt ruler, and bring peace to the region.

As a child he was brought to safety from the Queen's grasp by a mysterious monk whom became like a father to him. For many years they lived in a hidden cave high in the mountains - a location only known by the most trusted of friends - and here the monk trained Omni to prepare him for what was foretold.

Unfortunately the monk deceased before the training was complete, leaving Omni behind unknowingly of his destiny. However, fate has its way of setting things in motion.

Origin of concept
The game is a remake of one of my GM(48) game jam projects.


Don't be shy on posting feedback!

Install instructions

Download and run the executable.

if Windows throw a message about the game being unrecognized, simply click more info and then run anyway.


Tale of Omni DEMO 1 v3.exe 4 MB


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